Silver or On Not Winning.

"The fifth Modern Olympic Games, wrestling competitions were held from July 6th to 15th July 1912. A total of 170 wrestlers from 18 nations competed at the Stockholm Games. There were five wrestling events were contested and all for men in the Greco-Roman style.

Wrestling was conducted on three 5 x 5 meter mats in the Olympic Stadium, exposing the wrestlers to the hot sun throughout the matches... The bouts were in 30-minute rounds, with three judges. After each 30-minute round, the judges could declare a winner or order another round, with no limit to the number of rounds. In the event that neither wrestler was aggressive enough, the judges could declare both wrestlers to have lost (today called disqualification due to passivity).

The light heavyweight final between a Swede, Anders Ahlgren, and a Finn, Ivar Bohling, lasted nine hours and the match was finally declared a tie. Since neither had gained an advantage over the other, no gold medal was awarded. Each received a silver medal."