Alert! Alert! Trainer Down!

So, what happens to the wrestler when the trainer is down. When she has been wrestling while training? Today, Soul-trainer sent the wrestler the beginning of a wrestling guide that she's been working on for a while. 45-minutes after sending that guide, the trainer gets knocked down. Air knocked out of her lungs. She pants, she buries her head. She thinks to herelf, "What happens when the trainer is down in the middle of a wrestling match?" That's when she realizes, that this human trainer is in desperate need of her own soul-trainer. She calls out, "Help! I'm down? Pick me up, Jesus!"

After about 15 minutes of swimming in her tears, she's up again. She's wounded, but up. She goes about her day again, but she's not the same person. The wrestling match for the trainer strengthens her because it forces her to depend on someone beside herself.